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Tripp Lite 45U Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet W Shock Pallet 3000Lb Capacity - 19" 45U Wide - Black - 2250 Lb X Dynamic/Rolling Weight Capacity - 3000 Lb X Static/Stationary Weight Capacity - Rohs Compliance

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45U SmartRack Enclosure ships mounted on a special pallet that features additional reinforcement and shock-absorbing material

  • Description
  • Adjustment is quick and an easy-view depth index ensures consistent rail placement without requiring time-consuming measurements

    As part of the SmartRack family it is compatible with Tripp Lite 39 39 s extensive range of rackmount accessories, enabling you to customize your solution to meet any requirements. /p

    At the desired location the SR45UBSP1 can be easily maneuvered with its preinstalled casters and can be secured by adjusting the preinstalled levelers.The SR45UBSP1 houses 3000lbs of standard 19-inch rack equipment in 45U

    Each rack space within the enclosure is numbered for ready reference.Two of the adjustable vertical mounting rails support toolless button-mount 0U installation of up to four compatible PDUs and cable managers

    Front and rear threaded grounding points are provided for connection to the facility earth ground

    Its front and rear pairs of vertical rails have square mounting holes that are adjustable in quarter-inch increments from 4 to 45 inches

    Reinforced pallets and reusable packaging provide the flexibility to fully configure rack enclosures in a centralized location and safely re-ship them to remote sites, saving significant service costs

    The SR45UBSP1 meets all requirements toward PCI DSS compliance.The top panel of the SR45UBSP1 is vented to help remove warm air from the enclosure and draw in cool air by convection

    The facilitate cable access, the SR45UBSP1 is open-bottom.All components of the SR45UBSP1 are grounded to the enclosure frame

    The pallet 39 39 s protective cushion safeguards the enclosure and the precision components it contains during re-shipping

    The removable front and rear doors feature quick-release ground wires.The SR45UBSP1 comes with a 5-year product warranty

    The side panels are half size for ease of removal and reinstallation

    The split rear door design allows the enclosure to be placed closer to a wall

    They also allow the freedom to custom-configure enclosures with network and server hardware along with UPS systems, PDUs, KVM switches and a variety of other devices prior to final installation

    This feature makes it easier to route cabling to rack equipment and reduces cord clutter.With its locking, reversible, removable front and rear doors, and locking, removable side panels, the SR45UBUSP1 provides ultimate equipment safety

    The top panel includes ports for cable routing, and can be quickly removed without tools